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PELLI RideRepel is the world's first ceramic bike coating using true-Graphene Technology in a formula designed for uncompromising performance.  


Unlike traditional SiO2 / Quartz-based ceramic coatings, RideRepel's Graphene chemistry creates a dramatically stronger, more durable, and longer lasting protective barrier on the surface of your bike that keeps your bike cleaner, longer, and dramatically reduces the time required for future cleanings.

While Quartz / Si02 coatings are cheaper and easier to manufacture - Graphene offers several advantages over all other ceramic technologies available today including:


  • Significantly longer lifespan (up to 4-5 times traditional coatings)

  • Higher scratch and abrasion resistance

  • Superior protection from both UV exposure and corrosion

  • Lower water sliding angle - improved hydrophobic and self-cleaning performance

  • Anti-static dust rejection

  • Easy application

RR Infographic_Hex.png


PELLI RideRepel creates an ultra-slick and intensely hydrophobic barrier on the surface of your bike that rejects water and resists adhesion from nearly all road and trail-based contaminants (mud, dirt, oil, road grime, etc.).  

This beading action forces water off the surface - picking up dirt, dust, and contaminant particles along the way and removing them from the surface before they have a chance to dry and stain.  

It is this self-cleaning property of the RideRepel coating that allows your bike's surface to stay dramatically cleaner, longer, while also making routine maintenance much faster and more efficient. 

Coated vs. Uncoated_Hex.png


In addition to it's performance advantages (self-cleaning, faster maintenance, etc.), RideRepel's nano-technology formula also fills micropores and scratches in the surface of your frame - sealing and protecting them from the elements while delivering extraordinary depth and clarity on gloss / clear coated surfaces and an amazing deepening of color on matte and raw surfaces.  

Hex Before and After.png


Enough of the technical talk - regardless of the appearance benefits, durability, and paint protection - the reason RideRepel exists is to allow you to CLEAN LESS, RIDE MORE.  

After all - that's why we own bikes - and if you're like us, we'd rather be on them than scrubbing them.  RideRepel simplifies your regular cleaning and maintenance routine - keeping your bike cleaner longer, and dramatically lessening the time required to clean after those REALLY nasty rides. 

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