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PELLI RideRepel Graphene is extremely simple to apply - for everyone from the shop mechanic to the weekend warrior.  The PELLI RideRepel Graphene Protection Kit includes everything you need to coat and protect up to 2 complete bikes so you can...


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read first

RideRepel Graphene should be applied in a shaded and well-ventilated area.  Use of protective nitrile gloves is recommended.


IMPORTANT: Graphene is highly sensitive to surface temperature during application.  Ideal conditions are room temperature (65-75 degrees F).  If applied to surfaces above 75 degrees F, flashing time may be accelerated (see Step 4 below).


DO NOT apply to surfaces below 50 degrees F.  Cold temperatures will significantly extend curing time and reduce bonding strength and coating durability.   

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PELLI RideRepel requires a clean, uncontaminated surface to ensure maximum bonding strength and durability.  Begin by giving your bike a spa day with the included PELLI EcoCLEAN Biodegradable Bike Wash. 

  1. Wet your bike with cool fresh water.

  2. Spray all desired coating surfaces with PELLI EcoCLEAN.

  3. Wait a few minutes for the surfactant blend to break down contamination (for heavily soiled areas, grease buildup, etc. brush gently with a soft-bristle brush).

  4. Rinse with low-pressure fresh water.


Now it's time to remove any remaining surface oils, residue, and contamination from your freshly washed bike.  NOTE: Ensure bike is completely dry from Step 1 before proceeding to Step 2.  

Using the included bottle of PELLI REFRESH Surface Prep Decontaminating Cleaner:

  1. Spray PELLI REFRESH directly onto all desired coating surfaces OR directly into one half of a clean microfiber towel.

  2. Wipe all surfaces thoroughly and ensure complete coverage from all areas.  Do not allow cleaner to dry on the surface (apply in a cool shaded area).  

  3. Using the dry half of a microfiber towel, buff all treated surfaces clean and ensure surface is completely dry.  



Before proceeding to the RideRepel application, your bike must be completely dry.  Any residual water that comes into contact with your Graphene Coating during application will significantly reduce its performance and lifespan.  


We recommend blowing out the complete bike with an air compressor OR simply give the bike several hours of drying time between Step 2 and 3 to ensure all hidden moisture in pivots, creases, etc. is eliminated.


This is where the magic happens.  

Ensuring the cap is tightly sealed, gently shake the RideRepel coating for 3-5 seconds.

  1. Remove lid from RideRepel dropper bottle and carefully dispense several drops directly onto half of one side of the included microfiber applicator.

  2. Wipe wet side of applicator directly onto all desired components, working one section at a time.  Re-wet applicator as-needed during application to ensure proper coverage - you should see the material distributing to the surface throughout the process.  

  3. Allow product to flash on surface - the coating should have an oily / rainbow-like appearance during this process.  

NOTE: The flash-time is highly dependent on temperature and humidity and can take anywhere from 1-4 minutes.  

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remove & buff

It's time to remove the coating and experience the "wow-factor" of PELLI RideRepel coating on your bike's surface.

  1. Using a clean microfiber towel, begin to remove the coating one section at a time.

  2. As you run the towel over the coating, the surface should be slightly tacky - this indicates that the coating has sufficiently dried and bonded.  If the towel glides easily with no friction, wait 30 seconds and try again until you feel slight resistance on the towel.  

  3. Once all coating has been removed, flip the towel to a clean surface and buff all treated areas.

  4. Carefully inspect the surface for any missed areas (known as high-spots) - these will show as streaky / hazy areas where the coating was only partially removed.  If found within a few minutes, simply repeat step 1 and 2.  If discovered after 1-2 hours, or if wiping with a clean towel does not remove, re-apply a few drops (using the applicator) to the area and repeat steps above to remove.


IMPORTANT: After application, it's critical to allow the coating to cure for a minimum of 24 hours before exposing to water or contamination.  The longer the cure time, the higher the bonding strength, performance, and durability - so avoid the temptation to immediately wet the surface to see those glorious water beads for at least 24 hours.  

CONGRATULATIONS.  Your bike is now fully Graphene Protected for up to 9 years and will have a better-than-new showroom finish.  

Tag us on Instagram @pellibikecare to show us your freshly coated ride!

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