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clean less.
ride more.

Introducing PELLI RideRepel - the latest evolution in performance and efficiency from the brand that pioneered ceramic bike protection.

Utilizing the industry's first true-Graphene formula, RideRepel bonds to the surface of your bike's frame and components (bars, forks, etc.) and creates a nearly-impenetrable protective barrier that lasts up to 9 years with a single application.  

In addition to it's umatched durability, RideRepel's Graphene technology delivers the highest levels of hydrophobic performance available today - instantly shedding water, mud, dirt, and road grime and keeping your bike cleaner for longer while making regular maintenance and fast and easy operation so you can...





Your ride deserves the best.  Utilizing carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb structure, RideRepel's true Graphene formula creates an ultra-thin layer of protection that is 200 times stronger than steel, yet 6 times lighter and more flexible - offering hardness similar to that of a diamond!  


Unlike the competitors 1-2 year Si02 / Quartz-based options, RideRepel's Graphene formula offers the strongest and most advanced protection available today - to provide uncompromising slickness, hydrophobic water-beading performance, and near LIFETIME durability - up to 9 years in a single application!


RideRepel's true Graphene-Ceramic formula's creates an intensely hydrophobic and ultra-slick protective layer that beads and rejects water-based contamination such as mud, road grime, oils, etc. and resists water-spotting - keeping your bike cleaner, longer with dramatically reduced maintenance.


RideRepel dramatically reduces the water sliding angle on your bike's surface.  As rejected water is forced off your bike's frame and components, it picks up dirt, debris, and particles that would otherwise remain on the surface to dry and harden.  This self-cleaning property keeps your bike dramatically cleaner - even in the most extreme conditions - and allows for much more efficient maintenance when required.



The nano-technology formula in RideRepel coatings fills micropores and scratches on your bike's surface and protects from abrasion, fading, and UV exposure.  


In addition to its extraordinary performance advantages, RideRepel also dramatically increases depth and clarity on matte, clear, raw, and gloss surfaces for a better-than-new showroom finish. 

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the ride repel advantage


Unmatched durability - up to 9 years with minimal care and maintenance.


Protects surfaces from UV fading, accelerated paint wear, and surface swirl-marks / light scratches.


Ultra-hydrophobic surface keeps your bike cleaner, longer, with minimal maintenance required.


Anti-static properties rejects dust and dirt while resisting water spotting and releasing contaminants without brushing / scratching.


Nano-Technology formula fills micro-pores and scratches for a better-than-new showroom finish.

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  • How long does the RideRepel coating last?
    RideRepel's Graphene-based formula offers the highest performance and longest lifespan of any ceramic coatings commercially available today. With minimal care and maintenance, RideRepel has been engineered to offer near-lifetime protection extending up to 9 years!
  • What surfaces can RideRepel be applied to?
    PELLI RideRepel bonds to virtually any surface - including (but not limited to) paint, clear coat, matte, raw carbon, anodized, plastic, and vinyl. Typical protected surfaces include bike frames, suspension and fixed fork lowers / legs and crowns, handlebars, seat tubes, etc. Based on it's unique formula, RideRepel also bonds to paint protection film - allowing you to protect downtube protectors / guards and even fully protective-wrapped surfaces - providing the same benefits to cleaning efficiency and contaminant rejection on these surfaces and materials.
  • What's the difference between Graphene and non-Graphene ceramic coatings?
    Put simply, PELLI's Graphene-based RideRepel coating is the most advanced, most durable, and hardest ceramic coating available today. Non-Graphene (Quartz-based) ceramic coatings offer lower lifespans and reduced hydrophobicity in comparison to their Graphene-based counterparts. Graphene is graphite (carbon) that has been chemically engineered to create a molecular structure resembling a honeycomb lattice pattern. Infused into a carrier solution in the RideRepel formula, this atomic structure bonds to the surface and creates an impenetrable and ultra-slick hydrophobic barrier that is 200 times stronger than steel, yet 6 times lighter and more flexible. Learn more about the advantages of Graphene Technology here.
  • Is RideRepel safe on Matte Finishes?
    YES! Not only is RideRepel safe for application on matte surfaces (including powder coat, anodized, and matte paint) - it creates a dramatic improvement to color depth and clarity for a better-than-new showroom finish. RideRepel will not shine or gloss a matte surface - but will restore a washed out / chalky finish to a deep color satin sheen.
  • What care is required for a RideRepel coating?
    PELLI's Graphene-based RideRepel coating offers the highest strength and longest durability of any ceramic coating on the market today. These coatings cannot be removed with general maintenance or cleaning and are designed to offer near-lifetime protection of up to 9 years. Care and maintenance is as simple as regular cleaning and ensuring the surface is clear of environmental contaminants - things like iron deposits, tree sap particles, etc. To care for your coating, we recommend cleaning with PELLI EcoCLEAN every 8-12 weeks to remove any invisible stuck-on particulates that can "clog the coating" and result in decreased hydrophobic performance. For additional performance, you can also "recharge" the coating (although not required) every 4-6 months with PELLI Ceramic PROTECT. This Si02 formula will layer on top of the RideRepel coating and provide for additional slickness and water-beading action to deliver the highest possible performance day in and day out.
  • How does RideRepel work with protective tape or vinyl-wrapped surfaces?
    PELLI RideRepel is fully compatible with all paint protection film (PPF) surfaces and will deliver the same ultra-slick and hydrophobic self-cleaning benefits to protective tape-wrapped surfaces as it will when applied directly to painted or raw surfaces. In fact, RideRepel coatings offer an additional layer of protection to these films and can actually extend their lifespan, performance, and appearance. Paint protection films have fine micropores in the surface that can attract environmental contaminants (from dust and dirt to iron and mineral deposits) - causing them to become brittle, discolor, or fade over time. Applying RideRepel over any protective coatings (including protective tape, film, and wraps) seals the surface - preventing these contaminants from getting into the pores of these membranes. RideRepel's formula is so universal that it will even work with plastic and vinyl mud guards and fenders!
  • Is RideRepel just for mountain bikes?
    NO! PELLI RideRepel has been engineered specifically for application to ALL bikes - gravel, road, e-bike, commuters, mountain bikes, and more. Our formula bonds to all common bike surfaces and finishes and will extend the same benefits in protection and hydrophobic self-cleaning action to bikes of all kinds.
  • Why does RideRepel last so much longer than competitor coatings?
    PELLI pioneered ceramic protection for bikes in 2020 with the introduction of the first-ever ceramic protection formula (PELLI Ceramic PROTECT) designed specifically for at-home application. Since PELLI launched this formula to the bike market, there has been no shortage of "me-too" competitors that have claimed similar advantages and performance benefits based on the technologies developed in the ceramic surface-protection industry. Many brands today are now offering Quartz-based / Si02 ceramic formulas that offer anywhere from 3 months to 2 years of protection. However - as the pioneers in this space, PELLI's chemists have been hard at work behind the scenes engineering the new era of ceramic protection technology that offers the industry's most advanced and longest-lasting protection. RideRepel is able to outperform the competition - in every capacity (from performance to ease of application and appearance) - thanks to it's true-Graphene based formula. While Quartz / Si02 based formulas are much easier and cheaper to manufacture, Graphene offers several advantages over all other ceramic technologies available today including: Significantly longer lifespan (up to 4-5 times traditional coatings) Higher scratch and abrasion resistance Superior protection from both UV exposure and corrosion Lower water sliding angle - improved hydrophobic and self-cleaning performance Learn more about the benefits of Graphene Technology here.
  • What is Graphene?
    Graphene is graphite (carbon) that has been chemically engineered to create a molecular structure resembling a honeycomb lattice pattern. When infused into a carrier solution (the base of PELLI’s RideRepel formula), this atomic structure bonds to compatible surfaces (paint, clear coat, raw carbon and alloys, vinyl, plastic, etc.) and creates an impenetrable and ultra-slick hydrophobic barrier that is 200 times stronger than steel, yet 6 times lighter and more flexible. In addition to its functional benefits (keeping your bike cleaner, longer, and lengthening the time required between regular maintenance), RideRepel's nano- technology formula also fills in pores and micro-scratches in your bike’s surface when applied – creating an ultra-smooth finish that dramatically improves the surface appearance and creates a uniform shine / gloss or deep matte finish that we guarantee to be better-than-new. Learn more about Graphene Technology here.
  • Will RideRepel stop my bike from getting dirty?
    YES - in most riding conditions, PELLI RideRepel will keep your bike dramatically cleaner and prevent dirt adhesion, dust buildup, etc. - lengthening the time required between regular cleanings. The Graphene technology in RideRepel works by creating an ultra-slick and intensely hydrophobic surface that rejects water-based contaminants like mud, road grime, water spotting, etc. These properties also allow the surface to self-clean during use - allowing water to release from the surface quickly and easily and carrying dirt and grime particles with it as it falls off your bike. In extreme trail situations - such as heavy clay or low-moisture mud, heavy road grime, sealant blowouts from tubeless tires, etc. contaminants may still adhere to surfaces of your bike during rides. However - unlike a non-coated surface, these contaminants are not bonded to your bike's finish but instead to the RideRepel coating between the finish and the environment. This allows them to be easily rinsed away - often with nothing but a low-pressure hose rinse required. The ultra-slick property of RideRepel's coating eliminates the need for aggressive brushing / scratching, picking, etc. and keeps your bike looking showroom new mile after mile.
  • Does RideRepel protect against UV?
    YES! RideRepel's proprietary formula seals the surface and creates an invisible layer of protection that insulates the finish from environmental damage. RideRepel will protect your bike from UV fading, paint oxidation, as well as from light scratches and swirl marks in your bike's finish.

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